We’re now part of VOX MEDIA


In the recent weeks, we’ve been not so active in updating our readers with the latest startup and entrepreneurship news from the Eastern Europe, region.

However the main reason for this is that we’ve been negotiating for a couple of months now with Vox Media, the Media Company behind The Verge, Vox, SB Nation, Eater, Polygon, Racked, Curbed and Recode.

Today we’re thrilled and happy to announced that we’ve managed to come to an agreement with VOX Media and join their team as the top leading media in the Balkans focused on technology and entrepreneurship. Jim Bankoff the CEO of VOX Media said that our influence is tremendous and that our team will fit just right with the media culture of VOX that has been spread across all their portfolio brands.

“Digjitale is The Verge of the Balkans, and we’re thrilled to join forces and expand our reach in this exciting part of the world,” said Bankoff on an exclusive interview for Digjitale. “Digjitale is probably the most respected and influential tech news media brand among startup audiences in Eastern Europe and unlike others, it’s a going after a niche audience by being the most widely respected technology lifestyle media brand”.


Investments ahead

The media giant is planning to invest an undisclosed amount of dollars into the operations of Digjitale, further expanding their team and operations in the Balkans and upping up the game of the tech scene. The strategy behind the deal is to support the further establishment of the tech scene of the Balkans, while enabling start-ups to be promoted both globally and regionally, and also providing insights directly to investors on the potential of the region.

Digjitale’s exit to Vox Media is expected to bring new revenue streams to the team based in Prishtina, Kosovo while the team has announced plans to reveal a new design, new name/brand and some other details, which at this stage remain a secret.

… You’ll be notified for further details in the next upcoming April fools day.

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