Solaborate launches Hello on Kickstarter


US/Kosovo startup Solaborate, launched originally in 2013 as a professional social and collaboration platform, positioning itself between Linkedin and Facebook and aimed at tech enthusiasts. It managed to grow slowly, constantly rolling out new features and updates, but never managed to actually take-off (on the website it still shows Beta).

But when looking at their pitch now, the company seems to have pivoted. It represents itself more as a professional networking and productive collaboration, with a focus on three core components: communication (Solaborate Messenger), opportunities (helping those who’re looking for jobs at tech companies) and blog (which is there to help companies or individuals have a place to share their thoughts and online presence).


Kickstarter goal reached within hours

To aid this new goal,  Solaborate has launched today an online campaign on Kickstarter, which aimed to raise 30,000$ to support a new device called HELLO, which fits perfectly into the communication strategy of the company.

HELLO is a small and sleek looking device that connects easily to any TV and provides an all-in-one, voice-controlled smart-home office device for video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, security surveillance with motion detection and more. Kickstarter backers can get one for $189 or less, depending on the pledge package.

HELLO has four smart microphones, a 4K video sensor, and quad-core processing. HELLO has also a built-in accelerator, tilting lens and 130° field of vision to ensure easy setup on any TV. It connects to the desired screen via HDMI cable and can connect to the network via WI-FI or ethernet cable.

“Video conferencing hasn’t evolved much since we were introduced to Skype. We only have two options, as consumers and professionals: either spend a small fortune on a Cisco or Polycom video conferencing system or settle for the cheap built-in webcam and microphone on the company laptop for grainy Skype calls with muffled audio and no true cross-platform compatibility” says the founder of Solaborate, Labinot Bytyqi on a company blog post.

Hello Solaborate is on our list of 7 exciting Kosovo startups to watch.