How to return to iOS 9 from iOS 10 Beta


As soon as Apple released the iOS 10 Beta a lot of people rushed to install it, although turns out that the built is still really buggy and creates a lot of headaches if you use it on a daily basis. It crashes often, it restarts all of a sudden and it makes the iPhone go really, really hot.

But there is a simple option to go back to iOS 9.3.2. Cult of Mac and, and also a bunch of other blogs, released guides on how to return back to the stable and reliable iOS 9.3.2. Check out the 60-second video below!

It is important that you download your relevant iOS 9.3.2 install file from here. Just make sure to select your device and the right version of iOS. Make sure that you also have a previous backup that you can restore the downloaded iOS version.

If you don’t have problems or any issues it may be best to just wait. Apple sends out regular updates and usually, every update makes things better.