Oficina, Albania’s new startup accelerator


A new acceleration program has launched in Albania and it’s already inviting new entrepreneurs and startups to join the program. Oficina, which means workshop in english and is based in Tirana, aims to support entrepreneurs and startups, to further develop their idea and scale their business.

Oficina, is a joint-project between the Open Society Foundation of Albania and Harry T. Fultz Institute, and will be open for applications from founders and startups, whereas 15 top applications will be selected to go through to a second round of selection in front of a jury. If they get selected they will get the chance to join the acceleration program.


Some of the benefits offered by Oficina include, cool working environments, mentoring and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs, trainings in the field of doing business, networking opportunities, meeting with investors, etc.  You can apply here directly.

The official opening of Oficina is set for early June this year, and we’ll make sure to be there to provide more details.