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MoneyCoach, financial freedom, simplicity and speed


MoneyCoach is our selected app of the week, coming from the finance...

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Game Over for Corruption in Kosovo!


Are you passionate about mobile game development? Do you want to contribute to social good...

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Malmath, solve math equations with your smartphone


Malmath is a dream come true for anyone who struggles with math. You input the equation...

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Evio, the portable event guide


Evio is a mobile app available for free on iOS and Android that offers users a quick way to find interesting events around their location, through...

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Kosovo’s IPKO goes Team Red on Pokemon Go

Pikachu Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. The Augmented Reality mobile game developed by Niantic, Inc and published by the Pokemon Company, has gained...

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How to return to iOS 9 from iOS 10 Beta


As soon as Apple released the iOS 10 Beta a lot of people rushed to install it, although turns out that the built is still really buggy and creates a...

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How to install iOS 10 Beta on iPhone with ease


iOS10 is scheduled to roll out this fall, but those who can’t wait, here’s a very simple way to install it. Although you can find...

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Motion Stills, a new app from Google


Google announced today the launch of Motion Stills, a new iOS app that takes your existing Live Photos on iOS and stabilizes them in order to make a...

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Find better information about Events in Kosovo

Events in Kosovo

Various events are organized around Kosovo every day including such as hiking in the Sharr Mountains, Luboten, walks in Brezovica and all the way up...

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Half of smartphone users download zero apps!

Half of smartphone users download zero apps!

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone App Store in 2008, apps have skyrocketed in popularity and utilization....

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