Kosovo’s Decissio, part of Startup Yard Batch 7


The latest batch from Startup Yard in Prague, Czech Republic revealed some exciting new startups, building products around exciting markets. Quite an interesting one among them is Decissio from Kosovo, using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Venture Capital funds, accelerators, and private equity funds are facing an ever increasing complexity around the global markets, with failing investments ratios and lack of knowledge because of unusable data formats.

Decissio is working to solve this, by being a SaaS tool that allows investment firms to enhance their gut decision-making process with data. This means that the value each individual in the investment team is maximized, while machine learning algorithms learn in the background.

Clients are able to order global insights tailored for a specific decision that they’re about to make while blockchain technology is in place, optimizing and consolidating investment decision-making processes for investment firms, and the companies they invest in.

Founder and CEO of the company, Dite Gash, says that Decissio is playing in the same area with angel.co,streak.com, mattermark.com, and gust.com, however, they approach the problem differently. This focus allows them to be a step ahead because they do not only solve the workflow process problems but actually, help VC’s make better investment decisions.

“We’re super excited to be part of Startup Yard, which is putting us in a great position to piloting our product with several investment companies while getting international exposure,” says Dite.

StartupYard is a seed accelerator for technology startups based in Prague, while about 2 years ago another team from Kosovo, Gjirafa.com was part of it and managed to quickly grow and close a Series Around of investment fromRockaway Capital. Just recently Gjirafa.com announced a new startup incubator for regional startups of the Balkans, supported by USAID, as well as Startup Yard and Rockaway Capital.