Google Street view comes to Albania


Google Street View cars will start to pop around the streets of Albania, giving a new treatment to the usage of Google Technology in the roads of the emerging destination for start-ups in Europe.

Starting this week and for about 8 other weeks, Google Street View Cars will be seen in cities and touristic areas across the country, gathering data and preparing what is necessary to put the roads of Albania online and available to the world.

The Minister of Innovation and Public Administration, Milena Harito stated this week on a local TV, that putting the Albanian cities and touristic areas in Google Street View Maps will help improve the Albanian Digital Image and greatly improve visibility for tourist.

Street View will be an important milestone between Google and Albania, but it’s not the most important one. “We are working with Google to also introduce AdSense in Albanian language, which means a new type of advertising option and monitoring option for Albanian based online blogs / portals.” stated Minister Harito during a Morning Show in a local TV Station.

The latest move for Adsense will be quite interesting to follow as blogs have been showing up around the country, but their monetizing options have been quite limited due to the restrictions that Adsense has for Albanian language.

Google Street View has already covered Macedonia and Serbia, while Albania is the new destination with Kosovo and Montenegro probably seeing next on the list.