Evio, the portable event guide


Evio is a mobile app available for free on iOS and Android that offers users a quick way to find interesting events around their location, through Facebook.

Dutch-Kosovar Sprigs, known for their talented services in software development especially aimed at the dutch market, has put a product of their own to the app market. “It’s very difficult to launch a product of your own when you work in the outsourcing industry. You have to find the right balance between client and your own, and also make sure that you put a deadline in mind” says Bardhyl Fejzullahu, Managing Partner at Sprigs.

Evio finds the nearest events based on a users location and also gives the possibility to track events in multiple cities. “Let’s say you are based in Amsterdam, but you travel back and forth to the Balkans and you don’t want to miss the events happening around. You just add the cities you want to follow, e.g. Pristina, Skopje, Tirana and others and then you just tap into that city and get information about current and upcoming events” explains Bardhyl.

evio event

Evio also allows users to customize their preferences, which means that they can select what sort of events they want to see based on different categories. The app is available for free on bothiOS and Android and requires a Facebook sign-up in order to pull the event data that are already out there on Facebook.

Bardhyl explains for Digjitale that they want to use this version 1.0 as an MVP and as a basis for version 2.0. “We’re looking into finding a suitable business model for the app, however, we might wait for that as we want to learn from users, how they’re using the app and what sort of features they might expect”.