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Taylor Swift makes Apple pay!


Yesterday, famous artist Taylor Swift wrote a blog post bout how she will hold back from Apple's streaming music service, because Apple wanted not to...

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RemoteYear , travel and work with digital nomads


Remote year is a new one year program where you travel around the world with 70+ interesting people while working remotely. It was kicked off in...

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3G costs around Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia

3G Costs Balkans

With a tremendous amount of iPhone's in the market and plenty of other smartphones as well, Kosovo seems to be the place where the most smartphones...

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Your choice for a smartwatch, an Apple Watch!

The Funny Apple Watch

We live in an age where technology is omnipresent, from our smartphones to smart toilet...

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7 Ways to Develop for Apple Watch


If you’re an iOS developer and haven’t yet learned how to build apps for the Apple Watch by using its WatchKit framework, you’re...

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How to write a better resume


How to write a better resume. Read advises from a professional on how to write a better Resume and impress your future...

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Tesla Balkans, superchargers en route

Tesla in Balkans - Supercharging Stations

One of the biggest challenges with electrical vehicles is the ever-present range anxiety–the fear that you’ll run out of juice before...

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5 Insights on Outsourcing to the Balkans

Outsourcing to the Balkans

A quick search on Google on the potential tech scene in South East Europe, also known as the Balkans, reveals some interesting articles and facts on...

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4 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Services May “click” in Kosovo


In Kosovo there used to be, and to some degree still is, a popular belief among the business community that...

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World’s Best Looking Passport

The Norwegian Passport - Not much alike Kosovo Passport

The Kosovo Passport, is a document a document that was issued on official international standards in July 2008, yet browsing through the pages there...

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