Atto, seamless mobile time-tracking


Zetta Technologies is a new company based in Prishtina, Kosovo that has just launched a new product called Atto. Atto is a time-tracking app for iOS and Android that can be used by individuals or companies to track employee hours to generate timesheets that are ready for payrolls.

A simple user interface allows users to track time (clock-in and out) with their smartphone, just by a single tap of a button. Timesheets are automatically generated and prepared for review, while managers are able to see that the team is in the right place at the right time.



Atto, allows real-time team insights, which means that companies can get direct access to employee hours and location anytime and anywhere with the web app. This means that Atto can be used across different industries and companies. Atto will cost $3.95 user per user per month, while anyone interested in test-driving the product can get a 14-day trial for free right away.

Atto is targeting a crowded market with solutions for small-sized businesses to enterprises and individuals, however, the team behind it claims that the product is one of the most energy efficient apps, due to the solution that is implemented to handle GPS usage and other resources.