Startup Pirates, pre-accelerating Albania

Startup Pirates Albania

33 brave pirates were part of the Startup Pirates experience which was organized for the first time in Tirana, Albania from 23-30 April 2016 and during witch 7 ideas went through mentoring, workshops and experience sharing from other experiened entrepreneurs.

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Google Street view comes to Albania

Google Street View Albania

Google Street View cars will start to pop around the streets of Albania, giving a new treatment to the usage of Google Technology in the roads of the emerging destination for start-ups in Europe.

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The road to an emission-free Kosovo

"Trafiku në Prishtinë" by Agron Beqiri

Netherlands voted: as of 2025 no more petrol or diesel cars will be allowed to be sold. Latest insights clearly indicate how the sales of EV cars is growing in the Dutch country.

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Fingermarket, a new opportunity for growing business


Imagine a case scenario where you're a small team and have to be all over the place on the web while trying to handle clients in the store looking for a product or solution.

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Writing That Works: How to Communicate Effectively In Business

Writing That Works

Writing That Works will help you say what you want to say, with less difficulty and more confidence. Now in its third edition, this completely updated classic has been expanded to included all new advice on e-mail and the e-writing world, plus a fresh point of view on political correctness.

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Telekom Albania launches mobile payment service

Telekom Albania

Telekom Albania has launched a new mobile payment platform, in cooperation with M-Pay. The M-Pay services can be activated by having a Telekom Albania number and an account in the local currency LEK at Raiffeisen Bank or Societe Generale Albania banks.

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OSCAL, focused on decentralized technologies

Oscal 2016

OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania) is the international tech conference in Albania organized by Open Labs Hackerspace, the open source and free software community in Albania. The conference promotes software freedom

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Metavallon and Ericsson Team Up in Greece

Ericsson - Metavallon

Metavallon announces its collaboration agreement with Ericsson as part of The Accelerator 2016 to enhance market access for accelerating startups in Europe and internationally.

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Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Hooked - The Book

Hooked is a guide to building habit-forming technology, written for product managers, designers, marketers, and startup founders to provide them with practical insights to create habits that stick,

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Fatural launches new innovice tools


Fatural, an easy to use web-based tool for invoicing and payment tracking, is the latest product from boldUnderline, who're also behind the cloud based project management Goodwerp.

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